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Dear Guitar Players,

Please let me explain what we have done and do in order to create the best possible true Vintage Saddles.

Back in the day Leo Fender designed his Stratocaster in such a clever way that it could be relatively easy mass produced. In that speedy production process it so happened that sometimes the best woods, pickups and hardware all came together on these view (now Vintage) *magic* Strats that have that exceptional Tone and playability that other Strats – made in the same period – to some degree don’t have. Steel for their Saddles in that period was bought from their Supplier in large quantities under the same Product Name, but these could differ slightly in both composition and hardness. This is confirmed by Callaham. Maybe some of you have read the Callaham website and what is said about Fender bent Steel Saddles regarding their material and hardness. After investigation Callaham opted to use much harder Steel than the original Fender Saddles. The result is what some now say are Saddles that emphasize upper mid and high. Although that mite be useful in some cases – as Strat (type) guitars are not all alike – it is not desirable.

I think we all can agree that to recreate the best Vintage bent Steel Saddles that produce true Strat Tone we need to use the exact same quality Steel as what was installed on these Magic Stratocasters. That is exactly what we do. The side effect of wanting the same quality Steel each and every time is that we pay more for our Steel than others. Hence the price difference. But we think it is worth our effort to offer you the best Vintage Saddles that money can buy.

Piet Laan

Highwood GuitarParts


Gotoh 510 tremolo: possible issue.

Some Customers could experience a minor (temporarily) issue with the Gotoh 510 tremolo which tremolo originally comes with the 0.425″/ 10.8 mm width saddles. This tremolo has tracks in the base plate for the low and high E saddles to prevent any side way movement of all saddles. Our height adjustment screws are drilled slightly more inwards compared to the Gotoh saddles, meaning that our 0.425″/ 10.8 mm saddles don’t fit into these tracks.

Recently we fixed this: our outer 2 saddles now fit these tracks perfectly. We place these 2 improved saddles at the low and high E positions in our Highwood package. Compare these 2 saddles with the 4 inner packaged saddles and you will notice the difference in screw spacing.

If you don’t have a Gotoh 510 tremolo there will be no problem. This guidance is just in case you have this type of tremolo. Please contact us if you experience this problem and we will send you the 2 correctly spaced saddles. For a visual view of what we mean, please click on the link below.

Gotoh 510 problem