"Vintage Stratocaster Saddles always chew up my hand when I palm-mute"
(Quote from a TGP forum member.)
Saddles old

We all love our vintage guitars. But there is an age-old problem plaguing all Strat vintage
bridge Saddles: the protruding height-adjustable Saddle screws that hurt our hands.

No more!


HG Contoured Vintage Guitar Saddles TM

Highwood Guitar Parts | Contoured Saddles for your Stratocaster bridge. No more tiny screws that hurt your hand while playing!
Highwood Guitar Parts | Contoured Saddles for your Stratocaster bridge. No more tiny screws that hurt your hand while playing!

Contoured you say? That's right. Meaning; without the screws sticking out the top of the Saddles. Our innovative Saddles are made from exceptional quality Steel and are nickel coated directly onto the steel body to provide you with pure vintage tone!

HG Contoured Vintage Guitar Saddles have more mass giving you longer sustain, clearer note separation and definition, improved harmonic response and touch sensitivity. These smooth feeling Saddles still retain a lovely vintage look.

Each HG Saddle set comes with stainless steel intonation and height adjustment screws and springs. An allen wrench is also included.

Please note: our Saddles are hardened, but not as much as some other brands. We have noticed that extremely hardened Saddles can change the tone of your guitar, sometimes making your guitar sound 'pingy'. That's because they add upper mid and high to your tone. We believe Leo got it pretty darn right.

Gloss, set of 6 Saddles: € 39,95 incl. 21% VAT
Reliced, set of 6 Saddles: € 44 incl. 21% VAT

Customers outside the EU do not pay 21% VAT.

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How to choose the right Saddle for your guitar?

There are various shapes and sizes strat-type bridge Saddles.
We hope that the below information will serve you as a useful reference.

We have 3 sizes corresponding to different guitars.

Saddles three sizes

Measuring & width recognition

Measure one of your current Saddles with a digital caliper.

measuring sizes

Please note.
It is important to be aware that some guitars do not have the correct size Saddles. You can see this when there are gaps between the 6 Saddles. If this is the case, you should check their width as described.

If the intonation screw hole is not in the center of your current Saddles then our HG Contoured Vintage Guitar Saddles are not compatible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

In our webshop you cannot order for countries that we have dealers for. Please contact your dealer via the “Dealers and OEMS page”. Thanks a lot! Enjoy playing Highwood Saddles