Frequently asked questions

1 What is the size (type) of your different parts of the saddles if we need to replace these?

The Saddle height screws that are in our Highwood Saddles are Metric – more specific: M3 x 6 (6 being 6 mm long and 3 being 3 mm in diameter). We do not sell longer screws as on most guitars that is not needed. But you can purchase M3 x 8 mm for your guitar or even M3x10 mm if you like. The best way to find those in your country is via Google. This is when you are in the UK: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M3-x-8-Stainless-Grub-Screws-3mm-x-8mm-Cup-Point-Socket-Grub-Screw-x30-/360177085950
And this for when you live in the USA: https://www.ebay.com/itm/M3-x-8mm-Stainless-Steel-Saddle-Height-Screws-12-Hex-Fender-MIM-Stratocaster-/111405821533#rwid

The Intonation screw is the #4-40 x 5/8″ Phillips Drive Pan Head Stainless Steel Machine Screw.

The Hex allen wrench is a 3950-PKL-Hex-Plus1,5×90 wrench. This means a 1,5 mm hex wrench.

The spring is custom made for the Highwood saddle. You will not find it on the internet not even with Google..

2 Is there a problem fitting your 10.8 mm saddles with the Gotoh 510 tremolo?

No not anymore. Recently we fixed this: our outer 2 saddles in the package now fit the tremolo tracks perfectly. Either that or all saddles fit this tremolo perfectly. Place these 2 improved saddles at the low and high E positions. Compare these 2 saddles with the 4 inner packaged saddles and you will notice the difference in screw spacing.

3 Do you only sell via dealers?

Yes that is our intention, but there are countries in which we have no dealer (yet). If you live in a country without a dealer, you can order via our website (click on the Buy Now button). If a dealer does not sell the type you want, you can mail us to sort this out or you may find a solution via www.reverb.com

4 Can I become a Dealer or make an order as a Manufacturer (OEM)?

It is possible to become a dealer or an OEM (Manufacturer) of our Highwood strat saddles. We prefer dealers with a modern website/shop. Off course we need your business tax-id and address and so on. We require that order at least 12 sets per order (that is our minimum order size). Send us an email with a link to your webshop and we will look into it. Send this request to info@highwood-guitarparts.com and we send you our price-list in return.

5 Can we pay via bank as a dealer/OEM?

Yes we prefer that option! If you cannot pay us via our (Dutch but International) ABNAMRO-bankaccount, it is also possible to pay us via Paypall. They charge us a 5% fee and we charge you 5% extra (the same amount) if you prefer to pay us via Paypall.

6 Are you selling a gold plated version of your saddles?

No we don’t but we are looking into that matter. Gold is soft at the surface and we didn’t find a good solution yet. Quality remains our priority.

7 Do you use track and trace?

Yes we use track and trace but only on packages for dealers and OEM’s! For customers that buy a set via our webshop we don’t use track and trace but regular international stamps. The envelope always arrives and it is a useless cost of over more than 16 euros if we use it on an envelope. We ship from the Netherlands (Europe) and outside Europe track and trace does not work on the envelopes we use. The envelopes we use fit your postbox (or the “envelope space” in your door).

8 How long does it take for a standard door-air-mail-envelope (with priority) to arrive when send from the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is central in Europe with very good logistics to allover the world. In Europe it takes between 3 and 10 days depending on the destination and without delays (Corona).

Airmail outside Europe is harder to predict. KLM and AirFrance have conncetions allover the world. But it might take 8 to 40 days.

The product sometimes is kept by the customs and they may keep it for 45 days…. So therefor we sell via dealers so you will be served and delivered as fast as possible.