August 3, 2017




Below the translation of the above Review in Dutch Guitar Magazine: Gitarist



5 Stars ***** (highest possible score)
We liked: The innovative idea, high quality manufacturing, and the way it works
What we didn’t like: Nothing–test-uit-gitarist-283


Many Guitarists prefer Classic bend Steel bridge Saddles on their Stratocaster.

They look great and give authentic Tone. There is however a problem every user is familiar with: the 2 Screws used to adjust Saddle (and string) height protrude above these Saddles. These protruding Screws irritate Players hands, or many times even cause bleeding hand-palm injuries.

Piet Laan and Marcel Dam of Highwood Instruments have thought of a simple and very elegant solution to this problem: their Saddles bend backwards at the position of these screws. The height adjustable screws not only feed through threaded holes from the top of their Saddles but also through threaded holes in the lower part that is bend backwards. The screws no longer protrude, not even when the Saddles are adjusted in the lowest (low and high E string) position.

Turning both screws clockwise will raise Saddle (String) height: this results in screws that will only go deeper and therefore away from the top of the Saddle. Ideal !

There are several different Saddle widths available that can be used for just about any kind of fixed or tremolo bridge. The Saddles are beautiful and accurately produced and have a string notch in them that provide easier string bending and support of the string. Our .010 set fitted perfectly and according to Highwood the diameter of the notch is chosen in such a way that even thicker gauge strings fit in perfectly. The sound of these Saddles is excellent and playing with these Saddles is wonderful. Strumming, picking near the bridge and palm muting: it is no longer a problem.

Why did nobody else thought of this beforeā€¦(?)